Came, saw and conquered Adam's Peak

My name is Karuppiah Devendran aged 50 years from Chennai, India. I had the opportunity to visit Sri Lanka from 27th September, 2008 to 11th October, 2008. After visiting Kathirgama and climbing the seven hills on 29th September.

I proceeded to Colombo and then to Maskaliya on 30th. There I stayed with my friend Mrs. Janani in her estate called Kilaneya Estate. It was above the Maskaleya reservoir and I was able to see Adam's Peak from her garden in front of her house. I was bewildered by her majestic look and it immediately touched my heart. That evening I decided to climb the peak.

Next morning at 5am we left the estate by car and reached the bottom of the peak at Delhousie and started my climb at 5.30 am. My friend Janani along with her husband Sudarshan and his mother had come along to send me off and wish me luck on my adventure. My friend Janani had arranged for her cook Mr. Navaratnam to go with me. He has been climbing the peak often and knows the route.

It took me three hours to reach the top with one break of ten minutes mid way to rest and have some fruits and water. It was a mixed feeling you get when you climb up. I had just then recovered from a long illness and depression. I was told that people from all religion climb the peak with each one having their own faith of God.

It certainly was not an easy climb. I had the determination and guts to do so. True to what I am I ultimately at 8.30 am reached the top. At that time I had the same feeling that Edmund Hillary had on climbing Mount Everest. I felt satisfied I had climbed the peak inspite of all the pain and difficulties.

The day was very clear and I was even able to see the Indian Ocean clearly from that height. I almost felt like I could touch the sky by stretching my hand above. After half an hour rest at 9am we started climbing down. Climbing down was even more difficult as the stiffness in the legs were felt. Somehow we came down to the foot of the peak at 1pm. My friend Janani and her husband Sudharsan were there.

Just looking at the peak from down I then wondered how it was possible for me to have scaled the peak so high. I think the power is not in the person who is trying to climb, it is in the peak itself. With faith and determination one could easily conquer the peak. I wish all the pilgrims and tourist who seek to conquer the Adam's Peak all the best and good wishes.

Story and photos by Karuppiah Devendran from Chennai